How to choose your audiovisual communication agency to make a corporate film?

The quality of your communication is crucial, the making of your corporate film is an important project! The choice of your audiovisual agency is the first step and, in a market where everything exists, it is fundamental to be able to identify the right agencies.

What are the important criteria for your choice? Here you will find the essential differences between an ordinary agency and a real partner at the service of your audiovisual communication.

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Production managers present and reactive

The production manager, your first point of contact and the person in charge of the organisation and follow-up of your project, must be attentive, clear and precise in his answers in order to help you define your needs as well as possible and build with commitment a coherent project in a fluid dynamic.

Original ideas for effective communication

An effective audiovisual agency is also seen by its creative force. This implies that it is a power of proposal and must find adequate solutions to your needs. A good agency is proactive and diverse in its artistic and service offer.

Strategic advice

Initially, your audiovisual agency, on the basis of your expressed needs, will draw up a synopsis for you, i.e. the unfolding of your film. For your corporate film to be relevant, original and adapted to the target audience as well as to the broadcast media, your agency must know you, your business and your market.

After the writing phase, the agency organizes the shooting and editing of the video. It takes charge of all the different phases of the production of the corporate video, it activates its network to call on the different trades and must detail its execution strategy, phases and deadlines. This way you can be sure of the coherence of the means implemented and the time spent thanks to the quote.

Finally, your agency must be able to offer you a project that is consistent with your budget, always taking care to offer you the best rates for your corporate films.

A turnkey project

Your audiovisual agency takes charge of the entire production of the company film, which means that it offers you a turnkey project so that you have only one contact person, a guarantee of comfort and speed.

Simple explanations

By definition, producing and directing films is not your job. The production company has a duty of transparency towards its clients, on the prices through the quote as well as on the project management and technical elements. If the agency is the prime contractor, you are at the centre of the project.